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trinity_river_rafting Northern California Rafting for Everyone!
If you’re looking for rafting or kayaking in Northern California then Trinity County and Old Bridge Rafting has it all right here with Trinity River rafting and kayaking at it's best!


Old Bridge Rafting operates, by permit from the BLM, on the Trinity River from Lewiston down as far as Pigeon Point. This clear, cold section that flows from the Trinity and Lewiston Lakes are famous for fly fishing, conventional fishing rafting and kayaking. This stretch of the Trinity River with class 1 and 2 rapids is perfect for beginners and families with small children and those interested in a more relaxing experience on a mild float with a splash of excitement. Whether on a self-guided river rafting trip or a guided nature trip, you can enjoy the wild and scenic Trinity River. For the safest and most enjoyable river trips at the best price!

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Rafting is a challenging recreational outdoor activity, and we offer rafting trips for both experienced and beginners. Rafting down a river can be adventurous, relaxing, fun, educational and a great time to bring friends and family closer together. Everyone in a raft relies on each other to navigate and maneuver down river, and at the end of the trip everyone leaves with a great story and new friends.


We use rafts that are inflatable and made of the toughest materials to insure the safest ride, but there’s always the chance of getting wet… and that’s half the fun!

trinity_river_kayaking Kayaking

Kayaking can be even more fun and challenging to a person over rafting. With a single person kayak it’s just you and the river, where as with a tandem kayak you have a partner to rely on and share the experience with. Kayaking down the river can also be as adventurous, relaxing, fun, and educational. We offer kayak trips with other kayakers, with rafters, or with both on the same trip.


We use inflatable kayaks in single and tandem versions to insure a safe, exciting and fun trip down the river!


trinity_river_fishing_guide Fishing Guide Service

We offer professionally guided fishing trips on the Trinity River.  The owner, Scott Dias, has spent the past 18 years fishing the Trinity River perfecting his fishing skills. His natural outgoing personality and enthusiasm for fishing combined just makes his trips all the more exciting and fun for all.  He is always available to provide personal service tailored to meet your individual needs and is ready to assist you with your next fishing adventure on the Trinity River. Get professional service and great hook-ups of Salmon, Steelhead and Trout, and we specialize in both conventional and fly fishing.

group_rafting Groups

Groups are always a fun time on the river. We offer great discount rates for family reunions, company picnics, church groups, and youth organizations.

We tailor your trip to meet your group’s needs and more importantly, your budget. For more information on group trips and discount rates, please give us a call. We are here to give you the safest most enjoyable river adventure.


We also offer corporate getaway trips for business executives who want to reward their employees for their hard work and service. Call and ask for details!

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